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Album Credits




01 Intro (Ya Llegó...)

 Gabriel Zavala / Stefani Sullivan / José Rosario Gonzalez

Opus 29 ASCAP / Mucho Latin Music BMI


02 Cumbia Fantasia

Gabriel Zavala / Pete Astudillo

Opus 29 ASCAP / Peace Rock Music ASCAP


03 Loca Por Quererte feat. David Lee Garza

Written by Gabriel Zavala /  José Rosario Gonzalez

Opus 29 ASCAP / Mucho Latin Music BMI


04 ¿Quien Quiere Shots?

Gabriel Zavala / Stefani Sullivan

Opus 29 ASCAP


05 Mas Que Amigos

Gabriel Zavala / Raul Sanchez

Opus 29 ASCAP / Blu Grape BMI


06 Work 

Gabriel Zavala /Stefani Sullivan

Opus 29 ASCAP


07 La Dueña

Gabriel Zavala / Stefani Sullivan / José Rosario Gonzalez

Opus 29 ASCAP / Mucho Latin Music BMI


08 Delirio (Yeah Yeah Yeah)

Gabriel Zavala / José Rosario Gonzalez

Opus 29 ASCAP / Mucho Latin Music BMI


09 Adios Adios Amor

Mario Panas / Klaus Munro 

Warner/ Chappell Music,  INC ASCAP


10 Si Fue Un Juego

Chalo Galvan / Martin Gil

Montenegro Studios 


11 Que Risa Me Das

Gabriel Zavala / José Rosario Gonzalez

Opus 29 ASCAP / Mucho Latin Music BMI


12 Pero Why

Gabriel Zavala / José Rosario Gonzalez

Opus 29 ASCAP / Mucho Latin Music BMI


13 Agua Bendita

Gabriel Zavala / José Rosario Gonzalez

Opus 29 ASCAP / Mucho Latin Music BM


14 All About That Bass

Megan Trainor /  Kevin Kadish

over-thought under-appreciated songs ASCAP



Produced, Recorded,  Arranged and Mixed by Gabriel Zavala 

Additional "sweetening" and Mastering by Gilbert Velasquez at V Music Studios San Antonio Tx.

Additional Recording at The Mic Mac Room

Executive Producer: Jorge Marroquin



Stefani Montiel- Lead Vocals, BG Vocals

Gabriel Zavala- Bass, Bajo Sexto, Guitar, Accordion, Keys, BG Vocals, Programming

Sasha Sullivan- BG Vocals, Guira

Percy Cardona- Accordion

Cristina Hinojosa- Drums

Justin Jay Leyva- Keys

To my Musical Family (My Band) First off, I LOVE YOU ALL!!!! Your loyalty has strengthened the chain that 

bonds us and makes us, US! Each of you brings such unique talent that grows and strengthens each time we play.

Individually you are great, and together we are UNSTOPPABLE!!!



Jaylen Zavala- Additional Vocals on Work

David Lee Garza- Accordion on Loca Por Quererte

John Ontiveros- Trumpet on Adios Adios Amor

Gracie Acosta- Trumpet on Adios Adios Amor

Robby Esparza- Percussion on ¿Quien Quiere Shots?, Work, & Pero Why

Fabian Hernandez-  Sax on  Loca Por Quererte


José Rosario Gonzalez- Spanish Coach/ Consultant

Photography- Grant Photo

Graphic Design- Hi Def Willy



VMB MUSIC GROUP, Thank you for having faith in me and for allowing me to be part of your incredible roster of artists! I'm

looking forward to a wonderful partnership!

RADIO & MEDIA, Thank you for being the bridge connecting Stefani Montiel to the world! Your support is crucial and very much appreciated. 

Without U there is no US!!!

JOSÉ ROSARIO GONZALEZ, You make my music the most it can be with your beautiful lyrics, ideas and input. Thank you

for working so hard to make this album successful and the best if can be by accenting the e's, o's and "enaying" the n's!! LOL!!! MIL GRACIAS AMIGO!!!

GIBSON/EPIPHONE GUITARS, ROBERT TREVIÑO & MAC PEREZ , My music sounds best when played on a Gibson/Epiphone Guitar! 

Thank you for for inspiring beautiful sounds and for allowing me to represent your awesome brand!!

DIVA TEQUILA, You have been a great help and support to me... Cheers to our future together!

THE SPARTAN PIT, San Antonio Tx, Keeping me in shape has been no easy task, but you

keep me motivated and have become a great group of friends!! ONE TEAM ONE FIGHT!!!

GILDE FLORES Thanks for adding a new flavor to our music with the sound banks you gifted to us :)

GABRIEL ZAVALA, Your belief in me is beyond measure and I couldn't dream of doing this without you. You have motivated

me, inspired me, and have shown me what true love really is. This album would not be possible if it weren't for you.

Thank you for your hard work, dedication, countless hours in the studio ( three years worth!!! LOL), your attention to detail...and thank you for not giving up, 

and for ALWAYS being such a positive light in my life... I love you forever!


GOD FIRST, I Thank my creator for his unending love, compassion, and blessings...I sing to glorify him!

To my family, friends, and fans who have been with me from the beginning, I am forever grateful for your support, your encouragement,

and for believing in me even when I didn't believe in myself. You give me life!

To those who are just discovering my music, my hope is that you identify with each song and that my stories become your stories.

Twenty Two years ago I started my musical journey in Texas. Timid and shy and a bit unsure of myself I set out

to make my mark on the Tejano Music market and live out my dreams.

Looking back I must say it has been a long and challenging road, but despite the hurdles, I have remained 

steadfast and dedicated to the music I love, to my fans, and to myself never giving anything less than my best 

and always pushing boundaries while trying to inspire.  Nine Albums later and over one hundred songs recorded,

I have gained more confidence, more experience and feel more comfortable in my own skin and in sharing my innermost feelings and experiences

with each of you.  "LA DUEÑA"  is no exception. As you take my latest musical journey with me, I hope you connect as personally and emotionally

as I have with these songs. From the highest highs to the lowest lows I've poured my heart into each note, fearless and free

with no boundaries... letting go of all reservations and what people might think. 

I now have the confidence to say, I AM THE BOSS! The boss of my business, the boss of my life, the boss of my destiny...



This recording is dedicated to my Uncle Herbert Barela who inspired my love of music.

You're the reason I sing. I Love and miss you everyday.


I also dedicate this album to my Uncle Douglas Payton who I love very much.

May you both soar with the angels in Paradise.

 Until we meet again...You live in my heart.

-Stefani Montiel

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